Art for Jazz on View contributes $5,800.00

The Art for Jazz on View team of Heather Atkinson and Margaret Hantiuk raised $5,800 when they held the art show and auction in support of Jazz in Victoria back in December of 2017. Since the purchase of Hermann’s was not happening at that time, the funds were held to see where they could do the most good for live jazz music in the Victoria area.
We are delighted that Heather and Margaret have now come forward and directed that these funds be used toward putting our lease in place at Hermann’s.
This is wonderful news and moves our campaign forward by a big leap.
Below is our letter of thanks to Heather and Margaret and the many other artists and performers who made the Art Auction such a success!


March 11, 2019,
Dear Heather and Margaret
I am writing on behalf of all of the members of the Board of the Jazz on View Society to thank you and the many visual artists of Victoria who gave of their time and their art to help the Jazz on View Society in 2017 by holding the very successful Art Auction “Art for Jazz on View”.
Your efforts at the time when the campaign to save Hermann’s was at a low point having failed to secure the building was particularly appreciated.
We have always understood that the $5,800 you raised was to be held pending your direction as to how it should be used. We are absolutely delighted that you have come forward with your decision to have us apply these funds to help secure the lease on Hermann’s.
Thank you!
I think it is particularly important to acknowledge the way that the community of artists in Victoria have come together to support the arts. This closely fits with our long term vision for the Hermann’s building where we hope to create an Arts on View centre in the core of Victoria.
Artist provide so much to their community and artist are so often asked to give of their time and works. Be assured that we really appreciate this and we will not forget this assistance at this vital moment.
Bill Turner, Chair

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