Where to start? Hermann’s is such a unique venue on so many levels it’s priceless. The club was Hermann Nieweler’s passion and so we absolutely must preserve his legacy. I started going to Hermann’s in the late 90’s to sit in with Tom Vickery on occasion. Through the years, I came to realize how Hermann’s fostered jazz education by being an all ages venue, allowing jazz bands from the local high schools to have a performance opportunity that could never happen anywhere else in the city. Of course, the list of world class artists who have passed through Hermann’s doors is truly remarkable. Personally, I am a performer and vocal teacher. In recent years, I have had the absolute joy of putting on my own shows at Hermann’s as well as mentoring community and pre-professional singers, watching many perform with a “real live jazz band” for the very first time; there is truly no other venue like it. We absolutely can’t lose Hermann’s; it’s too special a place.
Kim Greenwood
Chair of Voice, Canadian College of Performing Arts U-JAM, Vocal Programs