My name is Avram Devon McCagherty. I am a professional musician in Victoria and I’m writing to express how deeply important I think Hermanns Jazz Club is.
For me personally, as a musician, Hermanns was a place where I could hone my skills and connect with mentors in my chosen form of jazz which is traditional. It is there where I heard Borgy Borgeson, master of the almost forgotten art of jazz banjo and embarked on studying this art with Borgy as my mentor.

As a father, Hermanns is a place where I can bring me children to grow up in a community that honors the arts. Where they can learn to appreciate the beauty and complexity of music while revering the masters and carriers of this profound tradition.

Should, G-d forbid, we lose this honored institution there could not arise anything to replace it. This would be a devastating loss for Victoria and Canada, musicians, music lovers, locals and tourists.

Hermanns is the glue that binds tradition through generations. For the sake of culture and community I believe it behooves us all to fight to keep Hermanns alive.

Avram Devon McCagherty
( the Stomp Club, the Dixie Sweethearts and the Capital City Syncopators)