A Performing Arts Hub in Victoria

The currently vacant 2nd floor and mezzanine at 753 View Street provide an exciting opportunity for community performance art groups to share in a collaborative space in the heart of downtown.

After more than a year of the pandemic, closures to venues have left the Victoria arts scene for worse. But with these closures have also come new opportunities and an exciting chance to rebuild  – The Arts on View Society, a non-profit organization who runs Hermann’s Jazz Club and the View Street Social, have recently signed a lease acquiring the upper floor of the Hermann’s Jazz Club building at 753 View Street. This currently vacant space, in a prime location in the heart of downtown, was previously used as a night club, comedy club and performance hub.  It now provides 7,800 SF of perfect space for a mid-sized venue that can showcase local and touring talent.

The vision is to run this space as a separate entity called “Hermann’s Upstairs”. The multi-room area, containing two venues with over 400 spots for seating, will serve as a cultural and events space featuring a vibrant selection of music, dance, theatre and more. With Victoria being one of Canada’s top tourist cities, and a city brimming with artistic talent, this type of business will fit perfectly.

Our Objectives

  • Operate a mid-sized venue in Victoria, filling a needed niche that has been left  by the pandemic
  • Create opportunities for local artists
  • Create a space that can accommodate various styles of art with an emphasis on musical acts
  • Create a space that is accessible and sustainable
  • Provide rental to other non-profit organizations – we plan to rent these venues to other groups as well as use them for our own shows

Pictured below: the bar on the second floor.

About Arts on View

The Arts on View Society’s Vision is to support a vibrant performing arts and music community in Victoria. This is accomplished through:

    • creating a Performing Arts Centre (Arts on View) in downtown Victoria featuring Hermann’s Jazz Club as well as expanding to venues in Hermann’s upstairs
    • maintaining an all-ages musical performance venue that is accessible to all
    • presenting music by local, Canadian and international artists
    • collaborating with and contributing to non-profit performing arts organizations
    • nurturing and fostering emerging artists and students.

Second Floor Photos

Do you have suggestions or comments? We want to hear from you. Please email info@hermannsjazz.com