About the Arts on View Society

The primary mandate of Arts On View at this time is to secure the all-ages performance venue (753 View Street, Victoria, BC) and to continue its tradition of all ages live music performance, in a way that is sustainable, advances the public’s appreciation of the arts, and contributes to the commerce of the arts.

We believe that the public’s support of this organization is strong enough to attain this goal charitably.

Arts on View became a registered Society with the intention of creating a charitable organization that can assume the financial responsibilities of Hermann’s Jazz Club. Our timeline is rapid. We encourage you to stay informed about our progress, you can sign up for updates below.

The purpose(s) of the Arts on View Society are to:

• Provide an all-ages live performance venue presenting to the community of greater Victoria and Vancouver Island, which places an emphasis on performance by local jazz musicians and ensembles;

• Provide an ability for fundraising for artist-lead creative ventures that strengthen the music industry, expanding exposure and awareness of jazz music (i.e. special performance series, promotion, workshops), and facilitate collaborations that further the art form; and

• Provide quality entertainment for the community of Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island. To this ends we adopt Coastal Jazz Society’s vision of jazz encompassing jazz, blues, world, creative, and improvised music, including evolving forms of jazz and the technologies and media that influence jazz as an art form.

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Certificate of incorporation

Survival and Thrival


Many local restaurants, bars and live music venues have already fallen to the financial tribulations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those that remain are trying to operate under severely-restricted capacities that make breaking even difficult.


But Hermann’s is surviving. We have adapted. We will continue to adapt.


Critical to our survival were the introduction of wage and lease subsidy programs by the Federal Government. While we have generated new revenues through livecast donations, as long as club capacity is reduced to 50, they alone are insufficient to cover all costs.


It is essential until a return to normal capacity that these programs continue to support small businesses and non-profits like Arts On View Society.


Hermann’s went virtual at the end of March, just two weeks into the shutdown, and we are hosting four or more live shows weekly from the Club and artists’ homes. These “Hermann’s Livecast” Facebook crowds can outnumber the Club’s actual licensed capacity. And music lovers continue to enjoy the shows long afterwards.


We re-opened the View Street Social Club, a social enterprise supporting the performing arts, on June 11 and business has been booming ever since, helping defray costs for Hermann’s Jazz Club.


We re-opened Hermann’s Jazz Club on July 23 and continue to broadcast all shows live.  We are growing our international audience and offering a way for local jazz lovers to bring Hermann’s into their own living room.


Hermann’s Livecast is broadcasting on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube most days — check the schedule and links at Hermann’s.


The shows are free to view and hundreds are viewing each one. Donations are welcomed and have been bringing in some much-needed income for the artists and for Hermann’s Jazz Club. Helping keep us alive even during the pandemic shutdown.


Hermann’s will survive this crisis because the staff and non-profit board adapted quickly to quickly evolving circumstances and worked with talented musicians and producers to launch Hermann’s Livecast — which has been a huge artistic success and a financial saviour.


Unprecedented Opportunity


Ironically, during the pandemic, it turns out that now is the right time to buy the building and launch the full Arts On View vision for a non-profit performing arts centre and artist incubator in downtown Victoria, with a focus as well on the visual and culinary arts.


The real estate timing couldn’t be better. 


Retail, restaurant, bar and performance venues are in financial trouble — and the properties’ values are therefore also under distress. 


We hope to secure the property at a price considerably less than the $4.5 million that 751-753 View Street is still listed for, the pre-pandemic listing price.


The building is owned by founder Hermann Neiweiller’s estate, managed by his two sons. They want to sell. 


They have been working with Arts On View during these extraordinary times to keep costs down and keep their father’s tradition of 40 years alive. 


The purchase of the building would eliminate our $96,000 annual leasing cost for this prime, downtown location and provide full access to the upper floors “rent free”. The greatly reduced operating costs would allow the Arts On View Society to expand arts programming in the multiple venues, provide some price relief and free performances, and support emerging artists


The Way Forward


While we continue to operate Hermann’s, we are building our connections to the many performing arts organizations in our community so that we can together plan a vision for utilization of the full property over expanded hours, supporting both artists and organizations. With the expanded performance space we can add more musical genres and attract theatre, comedy, dance, spoken word and other live performances, and provide rehearsal spaces. 


As well, with our new partners, we will leverage this interim pandemic period to develop architectural plans to renovate the building to meet the needs of diverse arts organizations, install an elevator and make additional improvements. Perhaps we can even complete those renovations at this time when live audience numbers are restricted (less loss of revenue).


Invest Long Term In the Arts


The non-profit Arts On View Society who operate Hermann’s and the View Street Social Club social enterprise are confident in the clubs’ futures even during these difficult times. We made this business a non-profit to ensure the performing arts will thrive in our community for generations.


But we do not yet have capital behind us. We need generous partners who will buy the property for the Society to expand arts offerings and artist incubation in downtown Victoria for generations to come.


Major gifts can be made through a partner charity able to issue tax receipts. There are also recognition opportunities available for major gifts — up to, and including a building naming — such as the David Foster Performing Arts Centre… 


Does this sound interesting to you? Let’s talk and dream together… 


We’d Love To Talk — Let’s Jazz It Up

Nichola Walkden, Executive Director, Arts On View and Manager, Hermann’s Jazz Club info@hermannsjazz.com, 250-388-9166


Bill Turner, Chair, Arts On View Society

turnerwc@telus.net, 250-589-8024


Alan Rycroft, Vice Chair, Arts On View Society, arycroft@gmail.com, 778-265-2772


Bert Boyd, Treasurer

bert.boyd@icloud.com, 250-655-8961


Ashley Wey, Jazz Artist and Booking Manager, Hermann’s Jazz Club

bookings@hermannsjazz.com, 778-679-0344