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  • Quinta da Pedra Branca

    Posted on June 18, 2016


    Fundacao Nacional

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    Quinta da Pedra Branca is the Farm of White Stone.

    The farm land was once the workplace of many villagers – especially in fruit and vines – but when it was acquired in 1995 the property was abandoned. Lots of hard work and dedication was necessary to recover “the land of the White Stone.”

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    Planted to trees of Rocha Pear and vines, roads were built up, land was moved, artesian wells were opened, irrigation systems were installed, and many other improvements took place. The establishment of the greenhouses was the last frontier.

    The farm has a “Bio-Nice” campaign which engages people who share an enthusiasm for food with high nutritional value, unique flavour, and produced without fertilizers or pesticides. Quinta da Pedra Branca started the “Bio-Nice” campaign in order to expand the passion for organic products to other bio-enthusiasts who appreciate and value healthy food, always fresh and loaded with an unforgettable traditional flavor.

    The Greenhouses
    Despite the long agricultural tradition in Quinta da Pedra Branca, the construction of three greenhouses was the driving factor for the start of Bio-Nice campaign. With an area of 2000m2, it is climate controlled system with automated opening roof and walls and automated irrigation. The greenhouses became the ex libris of Quinta da Pedra Branca, showcasing so many plants. A place where every day one can sow and reap not only high quality products but also a high quality of life.

    Taste Portugal in this very tasty, crunchy and addictive, tortilla.

    Tomato cherry tortilla with onion, chard and fennel
    Serving number: 4
    Preparation time: 15 Minutes
    Cooking time: 35 Minutes

    – 20 cherry tomatoes
    – 12 leaves of chard
    – 1 onion
    – 1 fennel
    – 6 eggs
    – pepper to taste
    – handful of sweet peppers
    – a pinch salt, pepper, paprika
    – 2 mint stems
    – 3 tablespoons olive oil
    Pre-heat oven at 180° C
    Wash the fennel and onion and cut into thin slices. Place in a round tarteira baking pan.
    Wash the chard leaves thoroughly, remove the stems and cut to small pieces and put in tarteira.
    Wash mint thoroughly, remove the leaves and add to vegetables in tarteira. Place half the tomatoes in tarteira.
    Beat the eggs in a bowl with olive oil, pepper, paprika and salt, and pour the eggs over the vegetables in tarteira.
    Arrange the remaining tomatoes in tarteira.
    Place in oven for 35 minutes.

    Enjoy this healthy baked tortilla with a refreshing green gazpacho.

    Sustainable actions: Biodiversity conservation, education, organics.


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