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  • Izvoru Farm

    Posted on September 3, 2017

    Pro Patrimonio Foundation (Romania’s National Trust)

    27 May 2017, Izvoru farm launch, Perticari, Argeş County, Romania

    On May 27, The Perticari-Davila Domain Association hosted The Inauguration Of The Farm event. Guest speakers include; Raluca Munteanu, project coordinator at partners Pro Patrimonio; Irina Ghica Cantacuzino, landlady of the Domain;  Clarisse Deniau, the president of the Association; Nicolas Triboi, Board member of Pro Patrimonio and the director of the Association and Claudiu Neguţ and mayor of Izvoru Village. The event was followed by the blessing ritual of the mansion’s farm, visits to the historical park and the productive area including a photographic exhibition in the greenhouse ending with a picnic style feast.

    The Perticari-Davila Domain Association was created in November 2016 with the desire to bring back to life an important historical field that has been left behind in recent years. In 2016 they organised cultural and local heritage activities. This year they’ll create a productive organic vegetable farm.

    The Association wishes to put value on cultural heritage and local landscapes to define a truly viable economic, innovative and autonomous model that can give dynamic to rural areas often devoid of vision. The historical park of the Davila-Perticari Domain in Izvoru / Argeş County and its biological farm open its doors throughout the year to all those who want to join the Association.

    Sustainable actions: Education; Organics; Cultural heritage

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