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Day 5


We were questioned today to answer- what monsters were our ancestors? For the atrocities they brought about, and endured without argument. Slavery, racism, gender inequality, destruction and degradation of both natural and built heritage. How could they have been so blind? How did they not see what destruction they were causing and stop it?

But is our current generation much wiser? Yes, we have progressed in many respects, and can be proud of our achievements. But what of the destruction we are causing now? What social and environmental crimes are we committing? Will not future generations look back and ask how their forebears were so sightless?
When immersed in the age, it can be hard to see the grand picture. To truly understand our actions. However, this must be realised, and realised quickly, in order to overcome it.

We want the future generations to look back and say- what a challenging period that went before, however looked at those great visionaries! Look at those radicals! Look at those courageous people who stood up for what was right, who looked past the status quo, and demanded action, justice and a better future!

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