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Day 4

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Adapting our land management to a changing world may be a challenge, however is an essential step towards protecting the assets of this world. We discussed how the National Trusts best intervene in the debates about natural and built heritage and learn from the experience of different international contexts. The threats to the character and identity of both national and built heritage through inappropriate development are a common refrain across the INTO network. Gathered in the great barn on Wimpole Estate, white doves flapping between high rafters, we spoke of individual situations and a global context.

In a field of diverse legumes, it was brought home that how we move forwards will depend upon how we look after the building blocks of this world- the air, the water and the soil. 10 years ago no worms were found in the paddocks of Wimpole estate, but after science, passion and hard work joined hands, the evidence of improved soil condition is clearly noticeable.

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With a growing population around the world, there are growing pressures on the land and continual technological changes to agriculture and farming. Farming has been transformed over the centuries and decades, but what role have our organisations taken in conserving the tangible and intangible aspects of agriculture and farming, or leading the way in shaping its future.

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