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Day 2


What is the tangible, what is the in tangible?

According to the dictionary:

Tangible: Easily seen or recognized; able to be touched or felt.

Intangible: Not made of physical substance; not able to be touched; Incapable of being perceived by the senses; Incapable of being realized or defined; Incorporeal….

The definitions are countless for these two words. Each word meaning something different to each attendee of the conference. It’s importance and role creating even more controversy.

We discussed the importance of growing a nations love of heritage. Of having national pride. It is important to protect places that are unique, distinct and cherished… but also the places that to some are mundane, but to others, speak of their past and share a story of their history.

So, how do we safeguard these tangible and intangible assets?

We need local groups, that speak with an international mission. To enrich this world in which we live.


But how brave are we? How courageous to tell this story that needs to be told? The purpose of interpretation is not to direct, but to provoke. Sometimes we need to be brave to stand up and say this story needs to be told. Even the dark histories of slavery, brutality, sexual orientation, racism… these tough stories provide lessons that we can learn from, reconciliation, and from them improve as nations. Bill Turner from Canada said that “We can rewrite history”, and include things that we deliberately or unknowingly left out. This can make our understanding more complete.


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