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Entry 2

Despite the island have many hundreds of spirts and gods that bring joy and torment to each other – children are now buying Batman toys. Despite beautiful Indonesian puppetry and dragon dances on display – people turn on the TV.

The distractions of outside influence are real.


But with eyes opened to the world, opportunities also emerge. Because if someone lives their whole live in one place, they might not see how special it is. Now we have the chance to see other cultures and places on TV or traveling, and we much realise how special and unique our homes are.

The threat of Batman is a real threat in Bali.
A group of young women, in their final year of high school, asked us to “learn, lecture and love”. Develop an understanding on this place and its issues, tell others about it, and cherish and protect what we have. Love the culture and the place in which you live.


At Masceti beach 200 baby turtles were released into the sea, and giant Balienes kites displaying “INTO’ and ‘ICNT’ were launched into the sky. The 2017 ICNT conference was opened with dances, flag parade and welcoming speeches.


We were asked by Hashim Djojohadikusumo to consider the challenges posed by climate change to such places like Bali. The challenges “that are very real, and affect us all.” Climate change is one of the Five Risks to Heritage, as outlined at the afternoon congress. A challenge accompanied by war and conflict; little public awareness; poor planning; and, insufficient funding.


The evening finished with great festivity and excitment for the week. At Rumah Panchoran, Desa Nyuh Kuning that ICNT group were privileged to see music and art performances, and join in!

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