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  • Dundullimal Homestead

    Posted on July 10, 2016

    National Trust of Australia (New South Wales)

    Click on map to link to farm website.

    Click on map to link to farm website.


    Believed to be the oldest slab house in Australia, Dundullimal and its sandstone stables are a living illustration of rural life on an isolated property. The grounds feature farm animals, play areas and a cafe, perfect for families to make a day of it.

    Its story is one of amazing endeavour and vision, evidenced in the creation of a finely-crafted vintage home. The homestead has survived in near original condition from a time when the land was beyond the limits of settlement.

    Built in the early 1840s as the head station of a 6,500 hectare squatting run, the homestead is Dubbo’s oldest building that is open to the public. Its interior is remarkably sophisticated for its genre, with louvres and multiple-pane glazed openings onto the verandah. The imposing sitting room is noted for its ‘tent’ shaped plaster ceiling and wallpaper, reproduced from an 1850 patent. The master bedroom is complete with an iron bed and a campaign chest.

    The house is an interesting contrast to the traditional sandstone stables complex. The ‘working’ areas include the blacksmith’s forge, coach room, sunken cool room, stores and stables. This building reflects the practical yet essential elements of rural life on a large, isolated property during the nineteenth century.

    Visit the Dundullimal Homestead’s cafe, children’s play area and farm animals and enjoy the spacious grounds for picnics and a gift shop with home produce. Dundullimal is Dubbo’s oldest building that is open to the public and its location is perfect for weddings and functions.

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